Add Benefits To Membership

Displays more benefits of selected membership in shop


Displays more benefits of selected membership in shop

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Do you have any unique benefits for your memberships? Ever wanted to show members what all they can get by purchasing certain membership? Then this addon is for you!
This addon will display all benefits of your memberships that your memberships have - you specify what you want to be added.

Example of items that can be added:
- Referral Tracking
- Friend Inviter
- URL Rotator
- Banner Rotator
- HTML Builder
- Form Builder
- Multi Auto-Responder
- etc.

Addon adds only the text into the membership benefits in shop, it does not add the feature itself.
Specify which items to add to which membership(s) below.

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Comes installed only. Installation included in price.

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Basically any change to the default script that you see there is available for sale as an addon. Feel free to contact us if you need some addon that is not listed in this e-shop or a custom solution.

This Addon License is for 1 website only.
You are allowed to move your website with this addon to a new domain if you notify us about the transfer.
You are NOT allowed to use this addon on multiple websites (on more websites than the number of licenses of this addon that you bought), you have to buy a license of this addon for each site you want to use this addon on.



nice touch

just a little something extra to give your site a personal touch

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Add Benefits To Membership

Add Benefits To Membership

Displays more benefits of selected membership in shop

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