Tlačítko Odebrat věc z košíku View larger

Tlačítko Odebrat věc z košíku

Přidá tlačítko Odebrat Věc z košíku do souhrnu košíku


Přidá tlačítko Odebrat Věc z košíku do souhrnu košíku

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Are your customers confused about how to remove an item from their cart? No button Remove From Cart?
Not many customers figure out that they have to click the Minus button at quantity?
Do you want to make removing items from cart easy for them?
Are you losing sales just because customers do not know how to remove items?
Are your customers leaving your site rather than buying something that they no longer want together with the rest in their cart because they are unable to remove it?
Solution: Add a Remove From Cart button!
Easy, one click way how to remove an item from cart.

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This Addon License is for 1 website only.
You are allowed to move your website with this addon to a new domain if you notify us about the transfer.
You are NOT allowed to use this addon on multiple websites (on more websites than the number of licenses of this addon that you bought), you have to buy a license of this addon for each site you want to use this addon on.



Im in love with this coder

Another problem that I had for a while. Customers could only remove their products with the - button. Friends of mine that were navigating on the website were asking me how to remove the items which is a big problem (not user fiendly). Asked my usual guy to do it and he said they were very complicated customization and asked me for 100$. Came here and got the service for much cheaper and no hassle (took them about 15 minutes to do it). Once again, I'm a happy customer! You got yourself a fan and I'm not going anywhere!

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Tlačítko Odebrat věc z košíku

Tlačítko Odebrat věc z košíku

Přidá tlačítko Odebrat Věc z košíku do souhrnu košíku

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