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Reset Ads Manually

Přidá tlačítko na manuální resetování reklam


Přidá tlačítko na manuální resetování reklam

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This addon adds buttons for manual resetting ads.

1st button for resetting all types of ads. PTC, F. Banners, F. Ads, TE sites, Grid Ads etc. It resets the click history + the number of "views today" for all ads and number of views today by member.

2nd button for resetting cumulative TE ads. It resets the number of total member's clicks in TE.

This is useful especially when you want to be able to view the ads again. Its good for testing purposes and also when you want to give a bonus to members in the form of more ads to click. 
This comes handy also when your cron is not working and is not resetting the viewed ads itself.

Instalaci provádíme my. Instalace je součástí ceny.

This Addon License is for 1 website only.
You are allowed to move your website with this addon to a new domain if you notify us about the transfer.
You are NOT allowed to use this addon on multiple websites (on more websites than the number of licenses of this addon that you bought), you have to buy a license of this addon for each site you want to use this addon on.


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Reset Ads Manually

Reset Ads Manually

Přidá tlačítko na manuální resetování reklam

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